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Dentsu Innovation Studio

Your Venture Partner

We equip business ventures with the latest technologies, to thrive in a world yet unknown.





As a Japanese software development company located in the center of San Francisco, we are uniquely positioned to be able to source and collaborate with both local and international partners. While we are passionate about working on moonshot projects for our clients, we also excel in developing in-house software products to test our own limits.

As our core value of DIS, we strongly believe profitable businesses are founded on mutual trust. Thus we pride ourselves to be a trusted partner first, and treat every engagement as a long-term relationship. As you embark on an endeavor with us, we are committed to turn your current ideas into groundbreaking products of tomorrow.

San Francisco


Design Lab

Research / Design / Prototype

Practicality is in our blood, but we are also nerds for good theory. Drawing on theories such as Jobs To Be Done, we specialize in UX/UI design and product strategies.


  • ユーザーインタビュー/インサイト分析

  • 競合プロダクト分析

  • アイディエーション

  • プロダクトコンセプト/デザイン/戦略策定

  • プロトタイピング

Quick Product Development

MVP Development / Product Market Fit

From using NoCode tools for agile development, to utilizing cutting-edge technologies to launch a product, we are equipped in solutions that match your needs and timeline.


  • 技術選定/アーキテクチャ設計

  • MVP開発

  • ​ProductMarketFit達成支援

Venture Building

Growth-hack / Biz Dev

Using data-based insights, we combine design and development strategies to build sustainable business models.


  • データ基盤整備支援

  • プロダクトグロースのアイディエーション

  • アジャイルDevOps実践



650 California St. 30th Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94108

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